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Change the colors on a row or column, move them, and make the...

Change the colors on a row or column, move them, and make the same color. The player can have pleasure and train his intelligence in the same time.

Holotronix offers multiple versions of the X-Colors game, which can be played with the same rules, but involve different strategies, in order to provide more pleasure in the game.

The players of Cross-Colors will find it is very different for permutation games like the Sam Lloyd's puzzle or the Rubik's cube, which might seem similar.

The mathematics behind X-Colors is different, because it is not a permutation game. By dragging the tiles with the left button of the mouse, the tiles slide on their row or column; with the right button, the row or column change its colors.

The dimensions can be changed with Edit-;Dimensions, and the color count with Edit-Colors. Playing with the keyboard. The line's colors can be changed with the arrow keys.

Holding down the Shift key will move only the cursor. The cursor indicates the current row and column. By holding down the Control key, the line's tiles can be moved.

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